Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Its been a long while since I updated here. Mainly because I wasn't sure that anyone was reading it!! But I have since found out that is not the case. I recently joined the lovely Our Friends' HAED SAL blog and when I posted my update there everyone was so complimentary and even mentioned that people read my blog *shock*. So here I am :)

Since my last update I have made loads of progress on Millennium Tree. I completed page 4 on 18-Jan-2011 and I have already made good progress through page 5. Page 6 is just a column about 11 stitches wide and 98 stitches long. After page 6 is complete I have finished the top row! How exciting! Here is is as of 18-Jan-2011:

HAED Millennium tree - page 4

As I think I have mentioned before I plan to auction this off for charity to raise awareness of climate change and the human impact on our planet. Any publicity I can get from anyone by re-posting on twitter, facebook, blogs etc would be greatly received!!

Thats all for now folkes!

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