Wednesday, January 04, 2012

WIPocalypse 2012!

I signed up to Measi's WIPocalypse!!. It's a global stitching SAL for the whole of 2012 where by you can stitch whatever you want and then every month on the Full month, we will all post out progress! So without further ado I will be working on.....

HAED - Millennium Tree (Focus piece):

Currently 10 pages completed. I *hope* to get most of the third row completed this year!

Millennium tree - 04 Dec 2011

HAED - Impetuous arrival (2nd focus piece):

This was a Christmas presie from my parents and I currently can't put it down! I have got a lot more done that this at the moment so I will take another pic later and update it.

HAED - Impetuous arrival

HAED - Queen of hearts (my first HAED start):

Currently have 5 pages complete of her. Hopefully I will get another couple of pages done this year.

HAED - Queen of hearts

HAED - Blue Bird

This is a monster project!!! Again not sure how much I will get done but I love the colours!

HAED - Blue Bird

HAED - Vanity

LOVE purple!! Again I am further along on this one so will update the pic later :)

Vanity - 22-May-2011

GK - Tea Party

I haven't worked on this project in over a year! How shameful! I really would love to work on this quite a bit this year.

GK - Tea Party

And finally I will not be doing any new starts this year... This little lot will keep me more than amused for the next 12 months!!!!