Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Life and Parking

So its Tuesday. Its 1 month ago since I got married.... (wha??) And real life is really starting to hit home. I just don't wanna be getting up at 5.45 am just to drive 26 miles in the pouring rain on the M4 and spend 8 hours trying desperately to get mywelf into my work. Meh.. If we had just won the lottery, I could be at home sleeping and stitching...
Ah well, guess there is no point dwelling too much. Besides, I probably have very few readers past this blog anyway without depressing them further!!!!
Yesterday I.... ah-hem.... bought the stash needed to start the HAED chart Blue Bird by Josephine Wall. I am quite excited actually. I might try tent stitching this time. There are 2 main advantages I can see for this. 1. being that its faster, 2. I can still use the loop method to start as I can do 2 theads on 28 ct (my so far fav fabric for HAEDs). I haven't mentioned it to Gareth yet. Not because he will be mad, he wont. But he will tease me about having far too much stitching to do and no where near finishing any of them Oh well :) Its a hobby, not an obligation! And a girl has gotta have something to do with the xmas holidays coming up!
In other stitching news I have nearly finished page 1 of Millennium Tree. I having been parking for most of the page and I have to say I love it! It did take a bit of getting used to and work out my own little method variation. Now I think I will be parking on all my BAPs. Now I just need to work out what method of gridding I prefer. I will post a photo of Millennium tree in the next couple of days when I have finished the page.

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