Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I am torn between using blogger or WordPress for my blog. I really like both and I have people I follow on both. Hmmmmm... I guess I could post to both at the same time.  Thats What I will do until I decide.

I am nearly though page 2 of Queenie and I am itching now to return to my GK design - Tea Party. So obviously it is a good thing have a rotation of cross stitch projects. I have a 5-day weekend coming up so I hope to get lots of stitching done :) G and will be going to Ramsgate Saturday morning until Sunday evening but that still leaves me with 3 full days of stitching goodness! I am going to set myself the task of completing page 2 of Queenie and page 3 of Tea party. I am gonna be busy me thinks :)

Just a reminder that you can also follow my WIPs in my Flickr page (see the feed on the right had side) as I quite often post more frequently here. Here is the latest (and poor) shot of Queenie. Still not much to look at :(

HAED Queen of Hearts Update - nearly finished second page!

TTFN :-)

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