Thursday, May 20, 2010

Blinkys, Queenies and Calories :)

I’ve had a little play around with the layout of my blog. Took advantage of a free website and got this rather snazzy background and banner with matching blinky :)

Anyways I had a break from stitching the Porsche logo for my Dad last night. I managed to get a few of lines into my HAED Queen of Hearts second page instead. No update picture because it’s really not worth the bother for maybe 10 lines of #310!!!! I think I might do a bit more tonight as I need to feel like I am seeing some progress I think. That is the only downside to doing these BAPs… The progress is so gradual you barely notice it.

I have been walking every day this week so far for around 2 miles. I have been going with my Mum which helps with my motivation. My Runkeeper app keeps track of where I have been other stats which is also really motivational. I find the calorie counter especially motivational :). I’m going again this evening with my Mum and I *think* I am actually looking forward to it. That’s an amazing turn-up for the books….

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