Thursday, June 16, 2011

A break from stitching...

Hello to all my lovely followers! The last few weeks have been so lovely for me. I thought I would update you all on my lovelyness because everyone loves to hear about lovelyness right??

The first lovely thing is..... we have a new family member! He is a 10 week old kitten called Clive. He is a gorgeous ginger tabby with tons of kitten energy and he is keeping us all on our toes. We aquired him from a work colleague of mine who decided he couldn't keep him as his son was allergic to him. He gets on great with the other 2 cats we already have. Although they don't quite see it that way!! Here is a photo of him.

I have also found out that I am gonna be an Aunty again!! My DH's sister is expecting in December :) So along with the other 2 friends that are also expecting, that's 3 babies this year!!! I finally decided what I was going to make them all (because buying something for a new baby when you a crafty person is out of the question right?). I decided that to do them all samplers would take to long and besides, after doing HAED charts they would feel a bit basic. So I am crocheting blankets!! I have made a good start on the first one. here is a picture of it as of now.

I hope to have the main body of the blanket done this week. Then I need to edge it and I have a plan to add the new arrivals initials to it once he or she has arrived :) Then it's onto the next 2!

So I have been having a little break from my stitching. Why do I feel guilty that I'm neglecting it? It is meant to be a hobby right? I I'll get back to it soon. Just enjoying the immediate satisfaction that crochet brings right now :)

Oh and another lovely thing.... I got an iPad for my birthday... YAY!!!

Thanks for reading my ramblings! By for now :)

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