Monday, December 14, 2009

The weekend

This weekend was lovely. I got to spend more or less the entire weekend doing my crossstitch. I am so nearly finished now its getting very exciting! I have probably about 1-2 evenings worth of backstitch todo followed by the beading. I do need to wash it also which will be very nerve racking. Srill unfortunately I have to work inbetween stitching sessions which is a bit inconvienient!

I saw my sister as well. She came down to visit from brummy-land. She has been up there living with her fella for about 6 weeks now. Mum was really upset when she left but she will be back down for christmas which is only in a couple of weeks time.

The x-factor final was a bit gripping! Sorry - I know deep down its just telly-trash but I really enjoy watching it along with the other 15 million people who watched it! I think the right man won thought. I may even consider buying his single :)

Oh well I guess I best get on with work....

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